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Patients often ask for breast lifts when a breast augmentation would be better or for liposuction when they actually need a tummy tuck.

There is no need to waste time like that. If you use our Free Quote, send good pictures, and tell our doctors what you want to change; we will send you recommendations and prices from budget to the best in Bangkok. There is NO place including your home town where you can get this information as easily!

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Are you considering plastic surgery?

Mike Brennan - ThaiMed Owner

Siriyada - ThaiMed Coordinator

Knee Replacement

Thailand Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangkok Hospitals

Knee replacement is a surgery to replace the knee joint and relieve knee pain.

Knee Pain


Mommy Makeover

Thailand Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangkok Hospitals

Women are enjoying the opportunity to reclaim their pre-baby bodies.

Mommy Makeover

In May of 2000 I did what you are trying to do now. I attempted to plan a medical tour to Bangkok using the Internet. There were not as many web sites to choose from then, but all the big hospitals were represented.

Biggest difference - there was NO ThaiMed!

I thought I had it all figured out. However, upon arrival in Bangkok I found that things were not as advertised, at least not as I imagined based on their representations online. In addition, there was nobody I could trust, or even understand easily, available to help me.

Some doctors and hospitals were just unacceptable while others provided care to a different standard than I was accustomed. Language was a problem and Thai doctors are uncomfortable with hard questions from prospective patients. I remember thinking, as I ate dinner alone that first night, “I must have been out of my mind”. But the next morning I thought back to the drawing board and am I glad I was persistant.

This first trip was not a total waste as I secured some names of good doctors one of whom I still use. I was single, living in Japan which was a 600 USD flight from Bangkok at that time. However, most of you probably could not easily afford a unproductive trip to Thailand AND you don’t have to!

Send a free quote form to ThaiMed, tell us what you want and we will send you prices from providers in the high end, (best providers in Bangkok) which we have been doing for 8 years, moderate priced providers for those on a budget And for those pinching pennys prices for some things from a low cost clinic. I know how to do this and if you will listen and follow my lead you do not have to make any mistakes.

ThaiMed will save you time and money regardless of where you choose to do your surgery or even if you decide to do no surgery at all. If you will simply do as we suggest you can make an informed decision before you ever get on a plane. It’s as easy as 1,2, 3.

  1. First you just need some prices so you know the answer to this most important question; will I save enough money doing my surgeries in Thailand that it makes sense financially for me to do this? It does for many procedures BUT not on all.

  2. Is it likely I will be satisfied with the results available for the price I can afford?

  3. Lastly will I be safe and comfortable doing this even with help from ThaiMed?

Now you may want to get off track & get ahead of yourself asking questions such as who are the doctors, are they *board certified, how many of these surgeries do they do each year, I want to see a picture, safety is important to me etc.

Right now NONE of that matters. That ONLY matters IF you find a doctor you think you like for a price you can afford. If you think you have found what you are looking for and are ready to book your flight then it is time to check out that provider.

*So that you know all the doctors we use are board certified and we know of no complaints before the local medical boards on any of them.

At some point you will probably feel a lot better if you can talk to someone BUT you really don’t have to do that until you have more information. NOT until you are reasonably sure you have a doctor you like at prices you can afford.

So what are you waiting for? To begin the steps to an informed decision get your price information now using the form for a free quote.


Mike Brennan

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    About Thailand Medical Surgery Travel Tours

    There are four main reasons people travel abroad for their personal health care. To improve their experience and save money, they choose to use ThaiMed.

  • Doctors Surgeons and Doctors in Thailand
    Doctors in Bangkok

    Doctors in Thailand offer affordable health care. Their background varies, but their resumes will reflect experience and international accrediations.

  • Hosptials Best Hospitals in Thailand
    Hospitals in Bangkok

    Many patients are in awe of hospitals in Thailand. Bangkok hospitals offer more than health care. Recover in private VIP rooms with modern amenities.

  • Thailand Medical Tourism

    Findout Your Options.

    You can use our website to learn more about the procedures that interest you the most.

    On our website you will find a vast resource of information regarding surgical procedures, hospitals in bangkok, Thai surgeons, and much more.

    Even if you are unsure what surgery is right for you, we can help plan your package. After you register you can upload pictures and send us you questions in the message section. A surgeon will offer a FREE quote and recommendation on what surgery is right for you and how much it will cost.

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  • Register For a FREE Quote!

    After you register you can begin by messaging with our team. Within 24 hours you can findout if having that surgery in Thailand offers the savings and options you desire.

    If what we offer sounds good, you can complete your Patient and Medical Information and upload photos. Our team and doctors will submit a quote for everything! No hidden costs or surprises.

    We will submit you a Plan A Package and a Plan B Package. You can take the information and decide if ThaiMed is right for you.

    If what we tell you makes sense, then it is time to start finializing your medical tour.

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  • Medical Tour Planning

    Start Planning Your Medical Tour!

    Now that you know how much it will cost, you can start planning your entire trip from your secure Patient Account.

    You can choose a complete worry-free Plan A trip. Having everything handled: airport pick-up, transportation, medical, hotel, tours, and much more. Or you can select our cost-effective Plan B trip. Book medical only while you handle the rest.

    Which ever package you decide you will have a complete intinerary and quote.

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  • Medical Tour Online Booking

    Book Your Medical Tour

    After your entire trip is planned to your exact requests, your surgery date and travel arrangement will be booked after you make a small deposit.

    We will help you prepare for arrival whle we handle all the booking and arrangements. Freeing you of any unnecssary worries or stress.

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