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Thailand is a dream destination for all tourists, including medical tourists. Not sure where to start? ThaiMed removes the guess work and provides a safe all-inclusive medical tour package.


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Mike Brennan ThaiMed Surgery Owner

ThaiMed Story

My name is Mike Brennan and in the year 2000 I was a self-employed American living in Japan with no health insurance. I knew it would be absolutely unaffordable to address my unmet medical needs back in the United States.

I learned that Thailand offered excellent medical care at prices I could easily afford. It was easy to find the names and addresses of many hospitals and clinics on the internet. I remember thinking, “I can do this!

In May of 2000 I did what you are trying to do now. I attempted to plan a medical tour to Bangkok using the Internet. There were not as many web sites to choose from then, but all the big hospitals were represented.

Biggest difference – there was NO ThaiMed!

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Medical Tour with ThaiMed

Receive a free quote for everything you need from one of Bangkok’s best providers based on our experience of nearly 15 years. I know how to do this and if you will listen and follow my lead you do not have to make any mistakes and most likely you will save money too!

ThaiMed will save you time and money. If you will simply do as we suggest you can make an informed decision before you ever get on a plane.

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Learn if traveling to Thailand offers the savings you need for medical care.

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Popular Prodcedures

Breast Implants Thailand

Breast Implants

Improve the shape and look of your breasts with USDA approved Mentor breast implants.
Vaser Liposuction Thailand

Vaser Liposuction

Newer liposuction technique that improves results and allows for more fat to be removed safely.
Face Lift Thailand

Face Lift

Remove the effects of aging and look years younger. Easily add additional facial plastic surgery.
Tummy Tuck Thailand

Tummy Tuck

Remove excess skin and improve your mid-section.
Gastric Sleeve Wight Loss Surgery

Gastric Sleeve

Safe and effective weight loss surgery that helps obese patients lose weight quickly and safely.
Knee Replacement Thailand

Knee Replacement

Improve severely damaged knees and restore daily activities.

Thailand Medical Tour

A quick guide to having surgery in Thailand. First and foremost, we put safety first. Prior to arrival, you will be given a treatment plan and exact quote for that procedure. During your free consultation, you can confirm the surgery you would like. All patients undergo a complimentary health check-up prior to surgery to ensure they are fit for surgery.

We live and work in Thailand, and have been involved with the medical industry in Bangkok since early 2000. We understand the worries patients have and help make your travel as carefree as possible. We are there to help from start to finish.
Before you book your plane tickets, we will provide you a free online quote for everything. You can then decide if traveling to Thailand offers the savings you need. Generally you can expect to pay up to 60% less than U.S. surgery prices.
Start by submitting a quote request for exact procedures. If you are not sure about which procedure is right for you, then send photos for our surgeon to review. We will provide you a free quote within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the doctors qualifications?
We only use board certified surgeons who have a proven track record of successful surgery and attentive post-op care.
Will I be able to travel and do tours while I am there?
First we complete the surgery. Once recovery is done, we will help book appropriate tours and travel. We have experience with post-op patients and are able to provide ideal travel arrangements.
How well is the Thai nursing staff?
The large nursing staff who provide attentive care by the Thai nursing staff is a great advantage of having medical care in Thailand.

Patient Testimonials

I was totally impressed with ThaiMed. Not only did they answer all of my questions in a timely fashion, but they struck me as a company that actually cares about the people they help. I was able to get my health care addressed even though health care in my country is free! I was able to save money and time – thanks! DP

Medical Consultation, Health Care

Thank you ThaiMed  for everything you did for me! You were there with me at every stem, helping me along a very anxious journey to Thailand, the doctor and hospital. The service and health care was world class. I would not hesitate to recommend you to all, have been spreading info about the excellent service. Loretta

Face Lift and Lipo, Plastic Surgery

Thank you so much for the info and helping me around the city. I was able to get a lot of shopping done while recovering. Also, thanks for helping me get my last minute change for my consultation and changing my flight date. I was worried I wasn’t going to get to see the doctor before I left. You are a life saver. Monica

Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery

Affordable and Safe Plastic and Othopedic Surgery in Thailand

Experienced group that provides results. Free Quote
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