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Bumrungrad Hospital boast the largert care facility in the world to treat the most international patients. Thanks to recently promotions through CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, and Time Magazine. Bumrungrad Hospital is located in the popular tourist area in Nana Sukhumvit located near all the hotels, BTS and shopping areas in Bangkok.
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Bumrungrad Internation Hospital in Bangkok Thailand

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Bumrungrad International Hospital Mission Statement - Guiding Principles

1. We treat our patients as we would our family members.
2. We embrace cultural diversity.
3. We are trusted, honest and ethical in all our dealings.
4. We work as a team.
5. We continually improve the quality of everything we do.
6. We strive for a happy working environment with respect and mutual trust.
7. We encourage professional development and innovation through a constant process of learning.
8. We provide efficient healthcare to bring value to our external and internal customers.
9. We are a good corporate citizen.

Environmental Policy

Bumrungrad International is committed to protecting the global environment and to
conserving energy and natural resources. We support efforts aimed at maintaining
and promoting the health and safety of the community and we endeavor to participate
in activities supporting these principles.

Environmental Policy - Guiding Principles

1. Every employee and contractor on Bumrungrad International's premises is expected to follow  government legislation and company's  environmental policies and report any environmental, health or safety concerns to  management to take prompt actions.
2. Be compliant with health and safety policies in workplace, and ensuring that employees and contractors  are properly trained.
3. Control environmental impacts on the neighboring communities such as infectious garbage  and wastewater management, etc.
4. Respect for natural resources utilization by participating in energy conservation, and supporting material recycle.
5. Conduct stringent audits and reviews of Bumrungrad International's compliance with  environmental policies and continuously to improve the process.



• Opened 200-bed facility: September 17, 1980
• Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand: 1989
• Replacement facility commissioned: January 1, 1997
• Joint Commission International Accreditation: February 2, 2002


Bumrungrad Hospital Care

Bumrungrad Hospital Asian Doctors

Bumrungrad Hospital Asian Nurse Patient Care

We provide efficient world-class health care with attentive caring and compassion

Hospital Ownership

Bumrungrad International (BI) is a public company traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The majority shareholders are Bangkok Bank PCL (Thailand’s largest bank) and the Sophonpanich family, one of Thailand’s most respected business families.

BI Facility (opened 1997)

Bumrungrad Hospital Reception
Bumrungrad Hospital International Patient Services
Bumrungrad Hospital Emergency Helicoptor Transportation

• Largest Private Hospital in Southeast Asia
• 12 stories plus basement parking
• US Hospital (NFPA) Building/Fire Standards
• One million square feet
• Fully licensed medical heliport

Patient Volumes & Revenues

Bumrungrad Hospital European Care

Bumrungrad Hospital Children Care

Bumrungrad Hospital Middle East Patient


• Over 900,000 patients treated per year (outpatient and inpatient)
• 1/3 (350,000) are international patients from over 150 different countries
• US$ 150 million turnover in 2004

Human Resources

Bumrungrad Hospital Professional Asian Doctors

Bumrungrad Hospital International Staff

Bumrungrad Hospital Asian Thai Nurses


• US-led international management team
• Over 2,600 employees
• Over 700 physicians and dentists, most with international training/certification
• Over 700 nurses

Inpatient Capacities

Bumrungrad Hospital Inpatient Care
Bumrungrad Hospital Patient Care
Bumrungrad Hospital Patient Ward

• 554 Inpatient Beds
• 500 Medical/Surgical/OB/Pediatrics Units
• 26 Adult Intensive Care Units
• 14 Cardiac Care (CCU) Units
• 9 Pediatric Intensive Care Units
• 5 Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units
• 57 Deluxe rooms, 21 VIP Suites and 2 royal suites

Outpatient Facilities

Bumrungrad Hospital Outpatient Facility
Bumrungrad Hospital Outpatient Asian Doctors
Bumrungrad Hospital Patient Services

• 24-hour Emergency care including emergency cardiac catheterization
• Ambulance & Mobile Critical Care Fleet
• Hospital 2000 Information System
• 135 clinic examination suites
• Capacity : 3,000 OPD patients per day
• Outpatient Surgery Center

Outpatient Centers

Bumrungrad Hospital Opthamology
Bumrungrad Hospital Spine Surgery Center
Bumrungrad Hospital Children Care Center

• Allergy Center
• Breast Screening Clinic
• Dental Center
• Dialysis Center
• Early Intervention Center
• Endoscopic Center
• Eye and ENT Center
• Heart Center
• Medical/Surgical Center
• Neurology
• Pathology
• Physiotherapy
• Pulmonary Physiology Center
• Rehabilitation Center
• Skin Center
• Stroke Center
• Women’s Center
• Aviation Medicine Center
• Children’s Center
• Diabetes Center
• Digestive Disease Center
• Emergency Center
• Eye Laser Refraction Center
• Health Screening Center
• Horizon Regional Cancer Center
• Nawabutra/BH Fertility Center
• Orthopaedic Center
• Plastic Surgery Center
• Psychiatry
• Radiology
• Sleep Disorders Center
• Skin Laser Center
• Urology

Special Facilities

Bumrungrad Hospital Gym Wellness Center
Bumrungrad Hospital MRI Laboratory
Bumrungrad Hospital CAT Scan

• 2 Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories
• 19 Operating Theaters
• MRI, CT and Lithotripsy
• Nuclear Medicine
• PACS Radiology
• 2 Cardiac Operating Theaters
• Interventional Radiology
• Neonatal Critical Care Transport
• Radiation Therapy (Linear Accelerator)
• Vitallife Wellness Center

International Representative Offices

• Dhaka, Bangladesh
• Yangon, Myanmar
• Katmandu, Nepal
• Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
• Phnom Penh, Cambodia
• Male, Maldives
• Eschende, The Netherlands
• Sydney, Australia

Special International Services

Bumrungrad Hospital Concierge Patient Center
Bumrungrad Hospital Serviced Apartment Hotel
Bumrungrad Hospital Hotel Pool in Bangkok Thailand

• International Patient Services Center: interpreters, international concierge service, embassy assistance, VIP airport transfers, e-mail correspondence, international insurance coordination and international medical coordinators .
• Bumrungrad Hospitality Residence: 74 Fully serviced 2-room and studio apartments connected to the hospital.
• Bumrungrad Hospitality Suites: 51 fully serviced apartments with swimming pool and fitness facilities.
• Bumrungrad International (BI) engages in international hospital management, consultancy services and outside investment.

Quality & Certification

Joint Commission International United States of America   • The FIRST hospital in Asia and Thailand’s only hospital to be accredited by the US-based Joint Commission on International Accreditation (JCIA).  
Bumrungrad Hospital Accreditation in Bangkok Thailand
  • The FIRST private hospital in Thailand to be awarded Hospital Accreditation based on US and Canadian Standard, and the FIRST hospital in Thailand to be re-accredited.  
Bumrungrad Hosptial Asia Money Award

• The FIRST hospital company to be awarded the Best Small Cap Company by Asiamoney 2003 poll.

• Internationally Certified Laboratory


Social Responsibility

Established in 1990, the Bumrungrad International Foundation is dedicated to helping the underprivileged in Thailand obtain access to free healthcare services. For over 15 years, the Foundation has provided over 100,000 Thais with free medical services ranging from check-up programs to heart valve replacements for children.

Bumrungrad International Hospital Photos

Bumrungrad Hospital Lobby Bangkok Thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital Entrance Bangkok Thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital Outside Bangkok Thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok Thailand

View From Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok Thailand

Health and Wellness Center in Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok Thailand


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