Before and After Photos

Below are photos of my personal makeover in Thailand.

Below is a collection of my before and after photos in chronological order. Since my first treatment in Thailand I still visit hospitals to monitor hospitals and doctors in Thailand. I also visit to maintain a healthy and fit appearance with basic dermatology, dental care, and good ol’ fashion healthy lifestyle.

“I was one of the first patients. M y before and after pictures speak for themselves.”

Mike Brennan Before and After Photos

My Personal Before and After Photos

Right Side Photo
Mike Brennan Back Photos Before and After

My Personal Before and After Photos

Back Side Photos
Mike Brennan Before and After Front Photo

My Personal Before and After Photos

Front Photo
Mike Brennan Before and After Left Photo

My Personal Before and After Photos

Left Photo
Mike Brennan Before and After Right Side

My Personal Before and After Photos

Right Side
Mike Brennan Before and After Top Photo

My Personal Before and After Photos

Top Photo
Since my first visit in 2000, I have been working directly with doctors and health care providers to help others find access to affordable and safe high quality medical care in Thailand. I work with each of our travelers to make an informed decision about the pros and cons of each treatment option. I will then make sure patients visit the best health care provider for each treatment they need for a consultation and health check-up. Once they have confirmed their surgery, the rest is taken care. The patient will only need to focus on recovery.

Siriyada’s Journey

Siriayda has helped many patients accomplish their plastic surgery goals in Bangkok, Thailand. She has been with them as they arrived, in consultations, and during recovery. She made a similar journey herself, and thanks to her ability to speak Thai and knowledge of Thai hospitals and doctors; she can help you reach your makeover goals. Your makeover does not need to be all the latest and greatest surgery you see on commercials. Instead it can be a select set of surgery that will optimize your features combined with non-surgical treatments. She can help do the same thing.

Makeover Pictures

Male Enhancement

Mike started his search in 2000 for the best health care providers for treatment he thought he needed. After doing research and finding the right doctors, he discovered he could save even more money with treatments that were tailored to improved his features. His goal was not to look like he had great surgery, but to just look great. With specific surgery, anti-aging, and non-surgical treatments; Mike was able to restore a younger appearance and increase his confidence and health. A make over is not just the surface, but the whole body.

Male Enhancement Package

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