At one time a discolored smile was something we just had to live with – but not any longer.  Thanks to recent advances in teeth whitening, obtaining a dazzling smile is easier and quicker than ever.  In just one visit that last less than an hour, you can now enjoy the benefits of a whiter and more confident smile.  Laser whitening is a painless procedure that uses wavelength laser light to brighten your smile.

Laser whitening has achieved better results than any other whitening procedure.  Recent independent studies confirm that laser whitening has yielded results of 6-13 shades brighter.  The long-term effect of the treatment varies from one person to another.  Certain habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine, or neglecting of regular cleansing could once again quicken the darkening process of the teeth.  Laser whitening the stained enamel surface does not cause overheating of the teeth, thus there is no damage to the teeth.  There are no negative side effects to laser whitening your teeth.  Since the treatment is pain-free, no anesthesia is required.  The laser tooth whitening treatment is completed within one visit that will last less than an hour.

Most of our patients have incorporated Laser Whitening into their medical tourism travel packages to Thailand, or at least some form dental treatment. Bleaching teeth may be able to produce similar results but does not last as long and will require the patient to deal with the hassles of gels and trays for at least a month to achieve the same results as Laser Whitening system.

LaserSmile Tooth Whitening

  • Polish
  • Barrier Application
  • Light Cure
  • Gel Application
  • Laser
  • Rinse
  • Suction

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