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Below are a list of procedure sections to help you find the procedure(s) you may be interested in. Please take the time to read each section that you are interested in. You will find a helpful overview about each procedure, before and after photos, commonly asked questions, and medical terms definitions.

If you are unsure what procedure is right for you, you can register and upload photos for the appropriate surgeon to review.

Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Plastic Surgery

Thailand cosmetic plastic surgery to improve your appearance.

Thailand Orthopedic Surgery in Thailand

Orthopedic Surgery

Thailand orthopedic procedures to improve bone and joints.
Thailand Bariatric Surgery in Thailand

Bariatric Surgery

Thailand bariatric weightloss procedures to help obese patients.
Thailand Transgender Surgery in Thailand

Transgender Surgery

Thailand transgender related surgery to transform your identity.
Thailand Reconstructive Surgery in Thailand

Reconstructive Surgery

Thailand reconstructive plastic surgery to improve trauma and damaged tissue.
Thailand General Health Care in Thailand

General Health

Thailand general medical care and check-ups including cardiology and eye care.
Thailand Hair Transplant in Thailand

Hair Treatment

Thailand cosmetic hair treatment to transplant hair or to remove hair.
Thailand Dental Care in Thailand


Thailand general dentistry and cosmetic dental procedures and jaw alignment.
Dermatology in Thailand


Thailand dermatology skin procedures to improve your appearance.
Thailand Anti Aging in Thailand


Thailand anti-aging and preventative health care to extend life and live better.
Thailand Eye Care in Thailand

Eye Care

Thailand Eye Care and Vision Repair to improve eye sight.
Thailand Popular Surgery in Thailand

Popular Surgery

Thailand popular surgery and procedures in Bangkok’s best hospitals.
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