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Health and medical care is overseen by the Ministry of Public Health, along with several other non-ministerial government agencies. Each year, over a million foreigners plan their medical travel around a Thailand holiday and combine sight-seeing with medical treatments.

Thailand has gained a reputation as a high-quality and reliable medical tourism destination due to its hospitality of the Thai people. Thailand has earned the eponym of the ‘Land of Smiles’. The Thais treat their guests with the utmost respect and try to serve them the best way they can. On another hand, Thailand medical tourism has seen its popularity rise owing to the fact that it is home to many internationally accredited hospitals. These hospitals offer a gamut of treatments, right from cosmetic/plastic surgery and dental tourism to organ transplants at affordable rates.

Some procedures will cost you 1/10th of the price it would take for similar medical procedures in the US, UK or Australia. Hospitals here boast the latest technology, and are equipped with language translators and exclusive international wings to cater to foreign patients. Many doctors and physicians in Thailand have medical certifications from the UK and US, and attend to patients with consummate professionalism and great care.

Manarom Hospital

As the nation's first and only private hospital for mental and behavioral healthcare, Manarom Hospital is committed to attain and enhance the leadership role in behavioral health, mental health, and psychiatric services. Manarom offers our clients individualized...

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Chao Phraya Hospital

Chao Phraya Hospital is a leading private health care institution in Thailand celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. It is incorporated in 1988 by a multidisciplinary team of physician specialists and health care institutions under the leadership of the late...

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Bangpakok 9 Hospital

Bangpakok9 International Hospital is a tertiary private care hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand. We are committed to providing healthcare with world-class standards. The Bangpakok Hospital Group has a total of 6 hospitals within the chain, all under the same high standard of management and dedication to customer care Our specialist centers include, heart center, plastic surgery center, anti-aging center, aesthetic and skin center, orthopedic center, cancer center, rehabilitation center, dental center and and children’s center, to name but a few.

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BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital has over a 100 years of caring for expats in Thailand. BNH Hospital provides the highest quality medical service with specialists and general practitioner doctors completely involved with their patients, from consultation and diagnosis, through to planning and executing treatment, following-up of results, and in surgical cases, post operative card. The concept of ‘the Family Doctor’ is still highly valued at the BNH Hospital.

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Bangmod Hospital

Bangmod Hospital has been opened in services to people of Bangmod area and nearby area for 18 years. With adhering in quality policy for service user’s utmost utilization thoroughly, therefore; the Hospital has been derived reliability from user service continually.

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Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad International is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Bumrungrad offers state-or-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. Founded in 1980, today...

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Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

At Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic Bangkok, Thailand we provide ultimate dental services in Thailand. All services are taking care by dental specialists equipped with modern equipment for your confidence and to provide the best service. Creating beautiful and...

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Rama 9 Hospital

Praram 9 Hospital was originally established by a group of professional and specialized physicians from all medical spheres. The hospital was constructed with the objective of providing a wide range of reliable medical services of the highest quality standards. Today,...

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Rutnin Eye Hospital

Rutnin Eye Hospital was Thailand's first hospital specializing exclusively in ophthalmology, the medical and surgical care of the eyes.The hospital combines excellence in medical and surgical procedures, investment in the latest technology, and the highest standards...

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Saint Louis Hospital

Saint Louis Hospital is a Non-Profit private general hospital which serves out-patients and in-patients by medical specialists, professional nurses, and qualified medical teams in each department emphasizing in giving closed comprehensive care focusing the important...

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Samitivej Hospital

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital has recently been accredited for the Clinical Care Program Certificate (CCPC) for osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, from the organization JCI (Joint Commission International). JCI, based in the USA, is one of the world’s largest...

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Siriraj Hospital

Established in 1888 by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital at Mahidol University is the first medical school in Thailand. Enriched with SIRIRAJ culture and traditions for more than a century, the Faculty has produced medical graduates and...

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Thonburi Hospial

The Thonburi Hospital Company Limited was founded in 1976. From then, the company has expanded tremendously within health care industry in terms of service quality, capital and also lines of business. History of Thonburi Hospital The hospital has been operating for 30...

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Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee's tremendous local success has propelled it to international prominence in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand. The phenomenal rise in the number of foreign patients, to date representing 144 countries, not only reflects the burgeoning...

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Bangkok Hospital

At Bangkok Hospital, we are always working to continually improve the healthcare payment process. In addition to seeking new avenues for insured patients to receive guarantees of payment from their providers, we have also taken a pledge to drive transparent pricing...

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Adventist Mission Hospital

Bangkok Adventist Hospital, widely known among the Thai people as Mission Hospital, is a general hospital with registered capacity of 200 beds and 24 bassinets, situated at 430 Pitsanuloke Road, Bangkok, and owned and operated by the Christian Medical Foundation of...

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