Bangmod Hospital is a private hospital which has the size of 400 beds and opened for medical service throughout 24 hours from specialist physicians team with modern medical equipment. Its services are as follows.

About Bangmod Hospital

Bangmod Hospital has been opened in services to people of Bangmod area and nearby area for 18 years. With adhering in quality policy for service user’s utmost utilization thoroughly, therefore; the Hospital has been derived reliability from user service continuously.

The international standard system has been brought to use as operation guideline and it is proved in decisive intention on service development into international standard. Most of all, it is deemed to pleasure with Bangmod Hospital that it can be passed from inspection and assessment and warranted in standard quality system (ISO 9002). Due to this success, it will be directly beneficial to service users and it will be the important fundamental of the next step to the higher standards in the future.

Bangmod Hospital Background

Bangmod Hospital has still focused to develop into the next step in order to upgrade the Hospital’s higher standard level. Hospital Accreditation (H.A.) is its development target. From all great collaborations, it will be the mainspring driving of Bangmod Hospital to achieve the success in soon.

Bangmod Vision

Not still to develop to the progress timely with the growth of medical technology including upgrade the better and higher standard level of service providing.

Bangmod Mission

Bangmod Hospital has focused to provide the quality service on therapeutic treatment in order to rehabilitate for service users speedily.

Bangmod Hospitals History

Bangmod Hospital has been established as the first hospital on RAMA 2 Road area (Thonburi-Paktor) and it has been developed and improved on operation system continuously until now in order to serve the more requirements of service users rapidly.

Bangmod Hospital has been initiated from clinic and expanded as polyclinic. From more accumulated in experience and reputation, the executives has realized in such importance and they has founded Bangmod Hospital in size of 100 beds in 1987. It was registered as juristic person in the name of Bangmod Hospital as follows:

  • Dr. Veerapong Ramangkoon as Board Chairman
  • M.D., Surasit Assadamongkol as Administration Chairman
  • Associate Profressor, M.D., Kessara Assadamongkol holds the position as Director

Later, it has been further expanded as the hospital in the size of 400 beds in 1995. And, its main objective of Bangmod Hospital establishment is to provide the service to general people who live on RAMA2 Road area and nearby area, people who work such area, and regular passers by. Besides, Bangmod Hospital has realized in the importance on health and safety of labors who work in the factory and operational site. Therefore, it has been decided to join with Social Security Project and Compensation Funds of the government.

Bangmod Hospital has provided specialist physicians for service providing throughout 24 hours in order to treat the patients in time and it is replete with modern medical equipments and facilities such as ultrasound device, machine X-ray computer, lithotrite, electrocardiograph, service providing in primary care center i.e. accident center throughout 24 hours, hemodialysis center, beauty surgery center, pediatric thin.

Furthermore, Bangmod Hospital has been expanded its branches in order to further provide the service to people thoroughly such as Bangmod Hospital 2 which is located on the same road of Bangkok inbound side and Bangmod Hospital 3 which is located on Ekkachai road, Bangbon district. Moreover, the Hospital has provided the service of mobile physician unit for community, many factories, and governmental units including initiating the surgical project for poor people with disabilities face cases. It gives the opportunities for disadvantaged people to cleft lip and palate surgery received without charge.

At present, Bangmod Hospital is complete in service providing from specialist physician team and there are more than 100 physicians who are famous physicians from medical school, and abroad. Most of all, Bangmod Hospital has developed its quality into standard quality system (ISO 9001:2000).

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