The BNH hospital, formerly known as the Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, was established originally to provide nursing care for expatriates. The hospital, opened by the British Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. George Grenville, CMG in 1898, was one of the first private hospitals in the Kingdom of Siam.

Over 100 Years of Medical Experience Caring for Thais and Expats

History of BNH Hospital

On 20th August 1897 the British community convened a meeting at the British Legation when Mr. George Greville CMG, the then British Minister Resident and Consul General, took the Chair. The meeting concluded that a medical facility should be established in Bangkok and the Committee proposed the project to H.M. King Chulalongkorn who approved and assigned the Ministry of Education to oversee the establishment of a Nursing Home. H.M. King Chulalongkorn kindly provided supporting funds of 960 baht per year to make the nursing home a non-profit organization where foreigners who came to Thailand could turn when they were ill. The first task for the Committee was to rent temporary premises in Phya Dejo’s Road to provide a small non-profit making nursing home to see to the immediate medical needs of the resident foreign community. The first Matron, Miss Cawley, and the Nursing Sister, Miss Hitchens, arrived in Bangkok in the middle of 1898 and the Nursing Home was in operation by August 1898.

The New BNH

The new BNH Hospital complex became operational in 1996. Occupying the same two-acre site in Convent Road, it is surrounded by mature trees and tropical greenery, and is located between Silom Road and Sathorn Road, close to the business, financial and entertainment district of Bangkok, It can be reached easily from all parts of the city by road, or by BTS Sky Train, MRT Metro, from the Sala Daeng Station.

BNH Hospital provides the highest quality medical service with specialists and general practitioner doctors completely involved with their patients, from consultation and diagnosis, through to planning and executing treatment, following-up of results, and in surgical cases, post operative card. The concept of ‘the Family Doctor’ is still highly valued at the BNH Hospital
The BNH hospital, formerly known as the Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, was established originally to provide nursing care for expatriates. The hospital, opened by the British Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. George Grenville, CMG in 1898, was one of the first private hospitals in the Kingdom of Siam.

In 1901, King Rama VI granted the BNH Association, a non-profit making organization, a royal charter in honor of his father, King Rama V, and provided funds for the hospital to extend its care to Thais. In 1991, the BNH Medical Center was formed to establish a new international standard hospital to meet the demands of the increasing domestic and international market for private health care.

BNH Accreditation

BNH is a well-known and reputable hospital in Bangkok with a multiple number domestic and international accreditation including:

Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation

BNH Hospital is delighted to announce our recent achievement in attaining Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. In response to the ever increasing number of patients seeking medical care outside of their home countries, it has become essential for hospitals to undergo rigorous screening to ensure they meet international standards for health care services. The current leading body for such accreditation is Joint Commission International, a US-based organization widely seen as the gold standard for top-level health care service providers worldwide.

Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand

BNH Hospital was awarded the Hospital Accreditation (HA) from the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation (HQIA) Thailand. BNH adopted the independent medical service quality system as the standard practice and evaluation criteria to elevate national standards of medical care. The HQIA serves the purpose of yielding benefits to patients by ensuring hospital’s commitment to continuous quality improvement in term of Service and High Standard of Clinical Practice.

International Hospital

BNH has received a number of awards for their exceptional level of care for international patients. Some awards include:

BNH Hospital, a hospital of choice for Australians in Thailand
BNH Hospital has been chosen for the Best Services Award Working closely with many local Australians, the Australian Defense Force and the Australian Embassy, BNH Hospital is a world –class provider of medical services. Australian patients are also one of its highest categories of international patients. BNH has many specialized clinics within its main premises at Convent Road Bangkok.

BNH Hospital, the winner of the Canadian’s Best Services Award-Export Services
Ron Livingston had another chance to work on his speaking skills as he presented the second The award goes to a company that provides professional services including ,but not limited to export services and has demonstrated vision and entrepreneurship for the betterment of their profession. And after a wonderful video presentation highlighting the hospital’s long-standing links to the TCCC and Canadians,

Canadians are among the top ten nationalities using the hospital as their chosen health care provider. Forward thinking and commitment to excellence in healthcare and quality has been the key to our success through the years, as a result we have become a leader. We are recognized as a center of excellence in spine and surgery, attracting patients form around the world. We are committed to keeping strong relation with the chamber and local community. But all this wouldn’t be possible with out our staff. So a big thank your to everyone at the hospital whose commitment to excellence has made this award possible.

The BNH Hospital was the first private international hospital in Thailand, established by the expatriate community in 1898. Today, BNH is a first class international hospital continuing to provide for the healthcare needs of many foreign diplomatic staff, their families as well as foreigners from 150 countries. Approximately 40 percent of the patients served at BNH Hospital are international patients, with Canadians consistently in the top 10 nationalities served by BNH Hospital in terms of number of new and existing patients and number of patient visits.

Between 2005 and 2007, the number of Canadian patients at the hospital increased by 22 percent from 1,016 patients to 1,234 patients while the number of hospital visits by Canadian patients increased by 16 percent from 1,950 visits to 2,269 visits. Canadians have also increased their usage of BNH Hospital for inpatient hospitalizations and surgeries, indicating increasing confidence in the level of professional and technical capabilities.

BNH Hospital opened four new specialty clinics last year and on average has opened two specialist clinics per year since 2001. The linkages with the Canadian community are plenty with the Canadian Embassy using the hospital for medical check-up for visa applicants and staff, with the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce through its membership since 2003, and sponsorship and participation at events with the Club Canada Thailand through its social and charity activities.

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