Penis enlargement packages offers men more than a bigger penis size. It provides a method to increase confidence, stronger sex drive, and more vitality. Young and older males can reap the benefits.

Penis Enlargement Thailand

Bigger Penis Surgery Thailand

Penis Lengthening

Penile lengthening surgery provides a longer penis with average gain in length is 4 cm (1.5 inches) but varies from person to person.

Penis Girth

Penis girth enhancement fat injection is a well known plastic surgery technique which enlarges your penis circumference or width.


Low testosterone can boost libido and improve sexual performance with longer and harder erections.

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone therapy provides men a number of anti-aging benefits including more muscle and better physique.

Address Your Penis Problems with The Right Solution

I know you are motivated to address your problem of what you think is a small penis. Some men believe they have a small penis (medically referred to as a micro penis) and they do BUT most are just average and I am going to give you some good information about things you can do. FIRST understand that the standard procedure for penis enlargement adds only an inch MAYBE an inch & one half to the length of your penis. Currently you cannot have a porn star penis from surgery. IF that is your dream you are going to be disappointed.

Improved Sex Life

My Story

When I first came to Bangkok it was to investigate the possibility of addressing unmet medical needs for myself NOT a business opportunity or penis enlargement. A friend from Okinawa, I will call him Jerry, had found a doctor who did penis enlargement in Bangkok and wanted to come with me as I did my research.  Jerry wanted me to meet this doctor and he wanted me to advise him. Really he wanted me to make penis enlargement my business BUT I was doing well in the computer business in Japan and NOT looking for something new.


PLUS I was not qualified to advise anybody as I was just getting started looking at procedures for myself.  Jerry was so insistent I Googled penis enlargement and saw a lot interest and options; pills, pumps, surgeries exercises and more! I remember thinking this penis enlargement could be an interesting enterprise if Jerry’s surgery worked out; BUT it did not

My Personal Story

The Wrong Results

I sat in on part of his consultation with the doctor after the appointment Jerry asked what do you think? I told him I would go elsewhere and was not going to use that hospital for myself. BUT he was excited to proceed. Approximately two weeks later he was in the emergency room back in Okinawa with a serious infection and his doctor in Bangkok was not returning calls.

Later jerry said he was deformed because of the surgery and the infection that followed BUT admitted that he had not followed care instructions.  So, he did not hold the doctor wholly responsible. His entire experience was a complete turn off to me! I crossed penis enlargement as a business off my list too!

Better Sex Life
Surgery in LA

Penis Enhancement in the USA

Years later I had started a medical business offering elective surgeries in Bangkok. ThaiMed, I had hired an American doctor as a medical director to advise me as I was arranging many surgeries and wanted to be sure what we were doing was good medical practice. An Australian, I will call him Bob, came to our office looking for penis enlargement. I told him of my experience and went for coffee BUT he would not take no for an answer and lingered in our office. The American doctor told him that he personally knew a surgeon in LA who was the penis enlargement doctor to the stars. I had warned Bob BUT he chose to believe this doctor.

False Results

He went to LA following the doctor’s recommendation and although he was not impressed by the surgeon went ahead with the surgery anyway ignoring his instincts. He ended up just like Jerry from Okinawa; deformed! This is a problem with these patients many are almost desperate and proceed despite feelings that they should not! I never saw these deformed penises. I never asked about their sex lives following their surgeries but suspect they were almost nonexistent.

Surgery for Men

Going Forward

Despite hearing these bad experiences, I realize you are probably still interested in learning what can be done. I do believe IF we could deliver good results on this procedure it would be a good business and a valuable service for many men. So, I am going to give you three places to investigate as a start. None are in Bangkok and I have NO arrangement with these doctors. I would like one IF they are as represented BUT do not know that yet.

As you visit these sites, read reviews you will find other providers maybe some I have not found and maybe you like better. All I ask is that you report back to me what you think and if you elect to proceed with anybody you tell me how it went. I am starting a forum on ThaiMedical news and in a year or two we will have a place where men can learn reliably what to expect if they go to any of these providers based on the experiences of other patients.

Maybe someday we can pay for these contributions.

I am warning you that my very limited experience with conventional penis enlargement surgery has not been good. So, my first bit of advice is to think very carefully as you visit these web sites and before you visit the doctors.

Dr. Rosenthall
The first place does the normal penis enlargement surgery. Cutting the suspensory ligament and using some filler for girth. Dr. Rosenthall is the doctor.  I called Dr. Rosenthall, the doctor at this site seeking more information BUT was not a patient and I was honest about that. I told the receptionist I was an agent seeking a referral fee if I sent patients and I wanted more information before i would do so. The doctor would not return my calls nor would an associate or nurse. That was a turn off to me BUT he could just be busy. They were the least appealing of these three places to me as I had seen bad results from this surgery.
They have penis enlargement before after photos available!

Dr. Loria

I found another with a very interesting sounding technique, Dr Loria with something different. Interesting video presentation by the doctor which caught my attention. His office called me but when the realized what I wanted they were not interested in dealing with me either. BUT they look interesting to me and IF you can afford approximately $9000 USD (for two treatments) PLUS two flights to the east coast of US I would consider them. Drs video presentation was convincing as was the lady who called back.

They also have great penis enhancement surgery before after photos available.

Dr. Elist

Finally there is the last penis enlargement surgery page. I also found the idea of this procedure very interesting. Guy who called back also was convincing BUT they are expensive Approximately 16,000 USD and at least one trip to LA. They also were not interested to pay me for referring them patients so they did not call back again to provide me the information that would permit me to promote them enthusiastically BUT I think they are serious.

The Right Results with ThaiMed

I have given you this information so that you can investigate these yourself make an informed decision and hopefully you will contribute to our forum as mentioned earlier.

After you have researched penis enlargement surgeries IF you are still looking, maybe because you cannot afford it OR are yet unconvinced I have an interesting alternative which will be useful for many men that you can do first.

Our program (no surgery) will give you a better looking and performing penis. I am doing this myself. We use anti aging medicine based on hormone replacement, The gain in length or girth may or may not be as great with our program BUT no scars and your penis will work better, look better and so will you! No disasters as can occur with the surgery. We are ready to promote our program in Jan of 2017. Look at me, maybe more importantly look at my wife. If you want to attract pretty women better you look good, healthy, trim & fit not simply have a big penis! If you do not look good who will want to see it anyway! 🙂 We address EVERYTHING in our program.


Stay in touch and send in your comments on these sites. Hope you have found this educational and hope to hear from you again.

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