Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to repair and reconstruct the thin, ring-like skin membrane partially covering the opening of the vagina, known as the “hymen.” It is made of elastic and fibrous tissue. Bleeding occurs when the hymen tears, which is typically the result of a woman’s first experience with intercourse, so this type of surgery will pull the tissue back together to restore a “virgin-like” quality.

On rare instances, a female can unknowingly tear her hymen by inserting a tampon, or during sports like bicycling, horseback riding, or even gymnastics. While the biological function of the hymen is still uncertain, its social function is popularly regarded as a mythical symbol in many cultures. Therefore, qualified plastic surgeons perform hymenoplasty at the request of women who need the surgery for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons. Patients with the desire for higher sexual satisfaction may also be candidates for this procedure, because the vaginal walls are tightened.

Best Candidates for Hymen Repair

Hymenoplasties are most often performed for religious, societal or cultural regions. In some cultures, women can actually find their lives in danger if they are found not to have an intact hymen on their wedding night, regardless of how the hymen was initially ruptured. For these women, a hymenoplasty is more than a simple cosmetic procedure.

Other women consider hymenoplasty because their first sexual experience was unpleasant, or occurred against their will. If a woman’s first sexual experience was forced, a hymenoplasty can give her back a choice that was taken from her. Some women undergo the procedure because they want to experience a “first time” with a long-term partner. However, most cosmetic surgeons will not perform a hymenoplasty for a women who has already given birth.

Preparing for Hymen Surgery

After researching the basics about breast enhancement or breast enlargement, many patients want to know what to expect before breast augmentation surgery.

Hymen Repair Surgery Overview

Hymen repair, hymen reconstruction, hymen surgery, Hymenoplasty or revirgination refer to the comestic surgery that restore your hymen. Hymenoplasty is a simple procedure that repair torn hymen. There are two most popular type of Hymenoplasty

Simple Hymenoplasty: Doctor will piecing together the remnant by closing the tear. It is a simple procedure and could be in three to seven day. The hymen tissue is pulled together so vagina will again cover by it. The risk of fever and infection is low since hymen is relatively avascular. However, the result is not meant to last long so it is best to perform in less than a month before your next intercourse.

The hymenoplasty procedure is done under local anesthesic. While tissue dissection to prevent small blood vessels from bleeding, the areas which were tornare removed. This is so that they will grow back together when they are approximated with stitches. Then after they are denuded, the edges are brought back together to reform the star-shaped “ring” as it was prior to relations, accident etc. It is made small enough, so that when first sexual relations occur later on, it will “tear” again, there will be some pain, and there will be bleeding.

Alloplant: If you hymen can’t not be restore, a Tear-through biomaterial will be insert and act as your hymen. Hymen implant is an easy procedure than can be done under local anesthetic and as a day case surgery. It takes less than two hour and patient can return to work the next day. It is not easy to notice it is not a real hymen.

Hymen Repair Results

The results are permanent. The hymen is reconstructed to its original state before tearing, creating the ‘Born Again Virgin’.

Recovery After Hymen Repair

The surgical procedure for a hymenoplasty is relatively simple. It can be performed under local anesthetic with no hospitalization, and you can return to most of your regular activities the next day. Your doctor uses dissolvable stitches in the reconstruction process, and the risk of infection or fever is minimal. The recovery time, however, is six to eight weeks, during which time you cannot engage in sexual activity, exercise rigorously, or use a tampon or a douche in order to avoid disrupting the healing process.

Hymen Repair Post Operative Care

The operation is not going to affect your daily routine for very long and is usually not painful. The first checkup of the wound takes place in our clinic the day after the operation. We will also change your bandage then.

From the second day onwards, you can already have a shower. Please only use clear, lukewarm water for this purpose. Having a bath is only advised after two weeks. Sports activities which cause friction in the genital area like jogging, horseriding and cycling are not recommended for at least the first four weeks after the operation. It goes without saying that after the operation, you should not use tampons when you are menstruating, as these would damage the new hymen again.

For a reconstruction of the hymen we use stitches that dissolve naturally within two to three weeks. This means that no stitches need to be removed afterwards.

Taking some basic, over-the-counter medications is the only solution for such problems since they aren’t considered very serious. Most surgeons agree that greater bed rest and allowing natural healing to take its due course is the wisest option to solve such problems.

Possible Hymen Repair Risks

Slight, but a possibility of over- recession, causing pain during intercourse. After the surgery, the genital area will be swollen and painful and therefore likely that you will be unable to have sexual intercourse for six weeks. There is also the risk of infection, permanent color change and loss of sensation.

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