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Read some of our patient testimonials and reviews about ThaiMed and our medical tour services.


Thanks alot for the information you and the surgeon gave me. It has helped me alot. If i dont need surgery for my hip. I think sooner then later i will need my elbow tendon repaired. I absolutely will contact u if i need to get it looked at.

If u need to give out an email address for a character reference for thaimakeover I would be more then happy for u to use my email even though i havent actually used the full service. Yet at least i can give my experience. With the quality of your information, it was priceless for me.


Hip Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery

I was totally impressed with Thai Make Over. Not only did they answer all of my questions in a timely fashion, but they struck me as a company that actually cares about the people they help. I didn’t end up getting the surgery I inquired about in Thailand, as Thai Make Over advised me to other options I could explore in Canada. Turns out the procedure I wanted, (Septoplasty) was actually free in my own country. I would recommend Thai Make Over to anyone looking to inquire and/ or book cosmetic based surgeries in Thailand. Well worth the $1000 baht consultation fee.


Medical Consultation, Health Care


Both Aileen  and I wish to extend our heart felt thanks to you, your wife and your staff for providing a truly professional experience to Aileen from the time she stepped off the plane until she was delivered safely back to the airport for her return flight. Aileen was very nervous when she left home but once in Bangkok your personnel’ s efficient and caring service quickly calmed her down and make her time in Thailand very relaxed.

So Mike thank you again for everything, if Aileen ever wanted any more surgeries we would definitely contact you, and if any of Aileen’s  friends were looking to have any surgeries we would encourage them to use your company.


Medical Tour Package, Packages

Thank you Thai Med  for everything,  being there helping me along a very anxious journey the doctor and hospital were world class I would not hesitate to recommend you to all, have been spreading info about the excellent serious service well done Mike & Siriyada….


Face Lift and Lipo, Plastic Surgery

Like any person making a big, pricey decision, I was extremely nervous for what I was about to undertake; breast augmentation and liposuction. Coming from the states, I had multiple concerns and hesitations about getting surgery done in another country. I had a million questions and changed my mind many times, but through it all, Mike was so helpful and so patient with my numerous emails. He also replied in a very timely manner – within two days, but usually in the same day. Siriyada – Mike’s lovely wife – was also very kind, knowledgeable, and was able to help put me at ease the day of my procedure.

Mike and Siriyada arranged everything for me including transportation. The hospital was an excellent facility, the doctor was great, the room was fantastic, and the nurses at the hospital were absolutely wonderful!

I found out that some women have a moment of panic after surgery because of the discomfort, the swelling, and the look of the body (which, of course, changes). I was one of these. However, Mike and Siriyada contacted me and help put my mind at ease; even though I was finished with everything, they didn’t close the door on me.

I would highly recommend Thaimed and the wonderful customer care that Mike and Siriyada provide! Many thanks to them!



Breast Implants and Lipo, Plastic Surgery

Dear Mike,

I wanted to thank you and your lovely wife for your efforts with regards to my surgery in Thailand.

Everything went so well from the 1st moment I met your wife. Her warm and friendly way of dealing with me put me completely at ease – in fact we chatted so much at the hospital (nothing about surgery) that I totally forgot why I was there and had no time to be anxious. Please thank her on my behalf – meeting her was wonderful.

As for the Doctor I am equally impressed – what an excellent and knowledgable Doctor. As you know I had orginally booked for liposuction in the armpits to remove the excess fat. On examining me the Doctor diagnosed the excess fat as breast tissue. This was the first I had heard of it and with his further expalaination it made sense.

He recommended to remove the tissue surgically rather than going for liposuction – advising that the risk was less. He let me also add that the cost was less too – which was impressive as it showed that he was recommending what was best for me.

I have been to many Doctors in the past regarding my armpits and all have told me to lose weight – no one diagnosed this condition. Although there is quiet a bit of pain I can already see the results.

Thank you again – I have a follow up appointment with the Doctor during which time I will be discussing my next visit / surgery. Once Ive taken his advise I will be in contact with you to organise all the necessary.

Thank you so much for all that you did for me in organising the surgery, appointments and the patience you had with my numerous questions and rescheduling. The service you provide is excellent and I will definately recommend you to my friends and family.

I would like to wish you and your family all the best.

Ms. Chantelle

Female Cosmetic Surgery Package, Plastic Surgery

Thank you so much for the information and helping me around the city. I was able to get a lot of shopping done while recovering. Also, thanks for helping me get my last minute change for my consultation and changing my flight date. I was worried I wasn’t going to get to see the doctor before I left. You are a life saver.


Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently had the need for some help with an ailment associated with my elbow. While playing golf, I was experiencing some fairly amount of pain during my swing. Since I didn’t know anyone here in Thailand, I got on the web out of desperation and contacted ThaiMed in hopes they could help me out.

Even though I sent out my distress call on a Sunday afternoon, they immediately got right back to me. They could not treat my particular condition, but they went out of their way to assist me in every way possible. I not only received e-mails with particular questions, they also contacted me by phone for a consultation. Once they had a better understanding of my condition they gave me the contact information for a specialist. They even went so far as to make my appointment for me. To top things off, they did all this at no charge.

ThaiMed was professional, curious, and forthright in every way imaginable. If they could take care of a non-paying customer like this, I can’t fathom how they would treat a paying customer! If ever my friends or family ever have a need for their services, ThaiMed is the very first place I’d recommend.

I can’t thank them enough!


Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow, Orthopedic Surgery

A lot of my friends were apprehensive when I told them I was travelling to Thailand to have surgery, I told them the only thing I was worried about was the language barrier and finding trustworthy people to deal with. I feel so lucky to have found and dealt with Thaimed. I purchased the ‘Worry Free’ package and absolutely everything was looked after. From when I first arrived in Thailand the lovely Siriyada was there to pick me up and take me to my hotel, made sure I knew when my next appointment was, when to meet her in the lobby of my hotel and after the operation running me around to all of my other appointments.

Dr. T is amazing and I cannot speak highly enough of the service that he and his team gave me. They were fluent English speaking.

Whilst recovering in my beautiful serviced apartment Rich or Mike were never far away on the email and answered all questions promptly. It is such a relief having everything looked after when you just feel like laying in bed and resting.

The extras such as the dental cleaning, spa treatments and dinner show just topped it all off and I am sure that if I booked this all by myself it would have been much more expensive, not to mention stressful.

It has been such a wonderful experience and I would like to thank Mike, Rich and Siriyada for making this such a memorable and happy week of my life.

Thank you!

Ms. Law

Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery

ThaiMed thank you so much for helping arrange everything!

I have visited top cosmetic centers in both the USA and Japan. The dermatologish I visited was by far much more caring and skilled. I received better treatment and saved money!

ThaiMed helped me to receive a verry informative consultation even before I arrived that listed all my options and the advantages of each. During my consultation I felt very comfortable and I followed her recommendations. My results are amazing. I cannot wait to visit her again, and my friends and husband all want to travel to Thailand just to visit her!

Booking with you I was able to make my trip as short as possible and everything was very efficient. I did not have much time off from work, and ThaiMed was able to coordinate everything. This not only allowed me to have the treatments I needed, but also allowed me to save money on hotel costs.

Thanks for all your help! My husband and I will be visiting you soon!

Ms. Nakama

Botox, Dermatology

I want to express my deepest appreciation for the wonderful and personalized care that you gave me whilst I was there. I truly felt in very capabable and professional hands. My stay was therefore really pleasant and without any anxiety whatsover although I was alone in a strange country. The choice of all the top class physicians by you was exemplerary of the confidence and reputation that you have garnered over the years and I was very, very pleases with all the doctors.

My recovery is going very, very well. I will write to you from time to time to tell you how I am doing.

Again, my most heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful arrangements and the duty of care that you showed me during my visit.

All the best,


Cosmetic Surgery Lipo and Skin Makeover, Dermatology

Hi Mike and Siriyada,

I thought I’d send you a quick email to let you know how I’m going.

I had the stitches removed yesterday, so apart from using the compression bandage, everything is back to normal. A few spots are still a bit tender but generally it is feeling good and I’m very happy with the results. The surgery has fixed the problem I felt I had. It is still a vast improvement and I’m feeling good.

Everything went well and I was very happy with the care at the hospital. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the hospital to anyone wanting surgery. The nurses constant care was brilliant. Although sometimes I was a little unsure of what was happening, your international aides were never far away to explain things. Please thank particular those aids and the surgeon, as well as the nurses for making my stay comfortable and getting the result I was looking for.

Thanks again and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!


Gynecomastia and Vaser Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

To ThaiMed:

First let me say that Mike and Richard are tremendous help with everything pertaining to the procedure or procedures that you need or want.

First I went to Bangkok Smiles Dentist to have my teeth whitened; the doctor found several cavities and filled them also. He did a wonderful job on my teeth. I even have a partial plate and after the procedure it did not fit right the Dentist did not even bat an eye he just went to work and made the plate fit again, actually better than it did before.

The second procedure I had done was a hair transplant. I went to the hospital in the morning and had my blood taken and an EKG to make sure I was up to surgery. Later that day I under went the first of two surgeries this was done at in the Hospital where the doctor was very meticulous.

He wanted everything perfect. First he harvested the donor hairs from the back of my head and sutured the area. I went to a very nice hospital room to rest while his staff painstakingly separated all 1350 grafts. Then I was taken back into the operating room.

Where he deadened my head then proceeded to implant each graft. This started at noon and lasted until 4 pm. He never stopped the room was filled with talking and laughing to break the monotony of the surgery. I thought this was wonderful, I was to receive 1200 grafts but he had the donors and he was there so he put in 1350. He is an excellent doctor and has an excellent staff.

My next procedure was Vaser Liposuction in four different areas. It to was done at the Hospital.

The doctor I had was very good he paid attention to ever detail. I spent the night in the only way I can describe it was a suite. The nurses took extremely good care of me all night long. I had three procedures done while I was in BKK, and I will say this about the people and hospitals I was in, I have very good insurance in America but I can tell you for certain when I need another procedure done I will go thru Thaimed and Mike to have it done. After my experience with Thai Doctors and nurses I have to say with out a doubt their attention to detail and wanting everything perfect has sold me. I am 50 years old and been in American hospitals many times through out my life but I have never been treated with such care and attention to every detail about every procedure. When or if I ever need anything else done I will go back to Thailand to see Mike, Richard and the absolutely wonderful doctors and nurses at the Hospital.

Mr. D. W. C.

Dental Care, Hair Transplant, Vaser Liposuction and Skin Care, Medical Tour Packages

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the wonderful surgical experience organized by ThaiMed. I travelled alone, but from the moment I arrived in Bangkok I knew I was in excellent hands. A smiling young lady driver whisked me away to the hospital where I was quickly registered and escorted to a large comfortable private room. My vital signs were checked and I was left to rest.

Next morning my personal interpreter came to take me to all my prearranged appointments and consultation with a top plastic surgeon, followed by chest x-ray. E.C.G. and blood tests. My operation was then scheduled for 5p.m. the same afternoon.

The plastic surgeon is truly an artist with a scalpel and knew exactly what look I wished to achieve. To my surprise there was no pain and very little bruising, only minor discomfort for a couple of days. I keep looking in my mirror saying … “WOW!”

My appearance is natural and fresh. At least 15 years have disappeared! I feel fabulous.

The nursing staff, interpreters, and everyone were so kind, courteous and caring. I was loaned DVDs, hot water jug, a basin, all brought from my carer’s own home. What a lovely crowd they were.

Thank you again ThaiMed for your excellent hassle free service. You will be hearing from a host of Bundaberg clients in the near future I am sure.

With Grateful Thanks!

Ms. Zeta Weaver

Eyelids, Face Lift, Neck Lift, Dermatology, Medical Tour Package

I want to express my deepest appreciation for the wonderful and personalized care that you gave me whilst I was there. I truly felt in very capabable and professional hands. My stay was therefore really pleasant and without any anxiety whatsover although I was alone in a strange country. The choice of all the top class physicians by you was exemplerary of the confidence and reputation that you have garnered over the years and I was very, very pleases with all the doctors.

My recovery is going very, very well. I will write to you from time to time to tell you how I am doing.

Again, my most heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful arrangements and the duty of care that you showed me during my visit.

All the best,

Ms. W

Cosmetic Surgery, Liposuction, Skin Makeover, Medical Tour Packages

I can tell you that I was totally impressed with my entire visit to Thailand. Coming from Iraq, I really appreciated the colors and friendly people.

The driver was there to meet me and took me straight to the hospital where I was met by the most friendly and attentive employees. Dr. Suthin did my surgery that night which was great considering the time constraints I was under for return to Iraq. The hospital staff and the ICS team under Pat were fantastic. My every need and whim was seen to straight away.

The team from ThaiMed was also very attentive and you both were fantastic. Siriyada made a friend for life and I truly appreciate the shopping trip. I had a blast!! Everyone was most helpful, very polite and knowledgeable and eager to help out. I thank you, Mike, for your concern and care regarding my surgery and questions. And Rich was great too.

The accomodation was so awesome. The apartment was more than I ever expected and the staff were wonderful. Very polite and attentive and never failed to greet me when ever I walked through the hotel. They, too, deserve kudos as does everyone I encountered during my stay. The Siam Niramit show was marveleous!!!

Dr. Suthin did a great surgery and I am thrilled by my new tummy thanks to tummy tuck and thigh and upper abdomen and knee liposuction. It is looking better day by day. Dr. Tawisak is super and came through when I had concerns and I have been in touch with him since I left via email so he could make sure I was healing and to answer my concerns.

I will be back for any future surgery since I can not find anything wrong with the price or package and will definitely be happy to recommend ThaiMed to anyone wanting any surgery. I can’t tell you enough just how wonderful this experience was and the difference it made just having people give such caring attention to me and my needs….especially since I made the trip by myself. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough but….THANK YOU!! All of the people involved in this deserve thanks and kudos. If I can do anything else to make this plain to everyone that this is the way to go and the place to do it at, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Ms. Valerie

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck, Plastic Surgery

Dear Mike,

Way too soon our month in Thailand ended and we are back in Oman and the terrible heat! We miss the wonderful daily rain in Thailand, the friendly faces, the many colours, everything to see and do and so many things!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us!

Before I made my decision to work with ThaiMed, I did thorough research on all the plastic surgery offers available. I requested quotations from all over the word….. India, South Africa, USA, Oman, Dubai… you name it. I decided to go with ThaiMed for two reasons.

Number 1: The financial matter. I could afford the package that you offered and
Number 2: The straightforward honesty with which all my many questions were answered. At no stage did I get unrealistic promises or misleading answers and I really appreciate it!

Once we reached Thailand our driver was waiting at the airport to take us to the hospital. At the hospital I was admitted immediately and had an appointment with Dr Tawisak. The hospital personnel were so friendly and efficient. Dr Tawisak is surely a master of his field and I trust everything he says to me.

Much care was taken with my health. I had to wait two days for the first surgery, because there was something wrong with my blood levels. The doctors were just not willing to do the surgery, while it might be dangerous to my general health.
The hospital staff – administrators, nurses, and even the cleaners, were efficient and professional. At all times I received friendly and professional service. The room in Bangkok 9 Hospital was very comfortable and I especially appreciated having Internet and TV available.

I look and feel better with every passing day. The swelling is going down steadily and everything Dr. Tawisak told me was true. I will most certainly be back in Thailand for more surgery with my next summer holiday.

One suggestion: Is it possible that Thaimed could create a FaceBook group? I know I would have liked to actually talk to previous patients before my trip. I will be willing to add my before and after photos to the group and answer any questions anybody might have. I can recommend Thaimed with enthusiasm to anybody who wishes to have plastic surgery done.

Mike, please give our warm regards to Siriyada and James.

Kind Regards

Ms. Cornelia

Body Makeover, Medical Tour Package

Hi Mike and Richard

Where do I start…First thank you to everyone involved in our trip and surgery in beautiful Thailand. Your arrangements from arrival to departure exceeded our expectations{and they were high}. Your choice of DR.T. and staff at Bangkok Hospital was honestly a great experience. Our surgeries for both of us are fantastic and we are overjoyed with the results.

The Nursing staff treated us with so much care, great respect and were so gentle in treating us. Even though we spoke only English the staff who cared for us could speak English which was very comforting.

Thank-you Richard for our late pickup and communications during our stay. We so look forward to coming back to Thailand in the near future to enjoy some more of The Land of The Smiles as it really is just that.

Also our drivers and city guide were so obliging and helpful. What a great experience we had and would be only to happy to be contacted here by any worried Australians who are considering surgery in Thailand. Also our drivers and city guide were so friendly and helpful and so obliging. Our accommodation in Koh Chang was unbelievably beautiful and we felt like a King and Queen with again wonderful helpful staff

Thank you once again!

Jim & Linda

Couple Makeover, Medical Tour Package

Hi Mike,

Firstly, please feel free to use this email on your website and/or provide my email for testimonials for your prospective clients.

It was a pleasure meeting with you the other day in Bangkok to discuss my future procedure with Dr. T at the Hospital.

I cannot say enough about the level of care from the nurses, the doctor himself, and the entire administrative staff at this hospital. It far, far exceeds the level of care and attention that I have received at Boston’s top hospitals, and Boston is known specifically for its medical community. Aside from saving myself nearly $20,000 USD, I was entirely impressed with the order of operations for my abdominoplasty and thigh lift at Bangkok 9. Not knowing the Thai medical arena, I would call this operation a “hidden gem”. I actually befriended one of the nurses on staff who is coming to do an internship for the next 5 years in New York City, and I intend to meet with her and her fiance for dinner.

I could go on and on, but I hope that this email helps convince a prospective client for you to book services with your firm. I can say that from beginning to end, the entire experience was a delight (as far as major surgeries go) and the staff held my hand, quite literally, through the entire thing. I guess it gives a whole new meaning to calling Thailand “The Land of Smiles”. Really nice job, nice attentiveness, and I’ll see you again in January!

Mr. John

Body Lift, Plastic Surgery


Hi again from Las Vegas!

First, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the work that ThaiMed did. I am sooooooo glad that I referred my friend Carolyn to you also. The stay in your hospital was superb!

Ms. Carolyn

Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

My wife and I decided to travel to Thailand to freshen up our appearances.  We spend a considerable amount of time emailing Thai surgeons and were bombarded with various options and also confusion as to who was reputable.  We came across the ThaiMed website and discussed our requirements with Mike and Richard.  They were great, comforting and not only organised everything but ensured that our surgeon, dermatologist and dentist were the best available.  It is hard enough preparing for surgery let alone worrying about everything else.  If you want the worry taken out of the process, the best options available at the best price possible – ThaiMed is the only choice!

G & A

Gynocomastia, Lipo, Breast Implants, Face Lift Dental and Botox, Medical Tour Package

It gives me great pleasure to provide a reference for Mike Brennan and the ThaiMed team. I used the services of ThaiMed in June 2006 for liposuction to my thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen.

Although I had heard of cheaper cosmetic surgery procedures in Thailand, I had no idea where to begin to look. An internet search brought up hundreds of advertisements, but after an exhaustive comparative analysis of what was on offer, my own discretion led me to pursue ThaiMed for more information.

Several phone conversations put my mind at ease as Mike demonstrated his knowledge, sincerity and commitment to safety and quality. His ability to make the experience more than just a surgical procedure and his attention to detail regarding my comfort and the overall ease of my holiday had me convinced.

I have ‘pockets’ of excess weight around my lower abdomen, thighs and bottom but am overall quite healthy and slim, so I wasn’t sure how effective liposuction would be for me.

Mike informed me that being young and healthy, meant that whilst I am not the most common patient I am in fact an ideal patient for the procedure. He said that although people often seek out liposuction as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, or a ‘quick fix’, liposuction will not change your metabolism but is best used to remove excessive fat from parts of the body that will not ‘budge’ or disappear as a result of diet and exercise. Resulting in a more proportioned and toned appearance of the body. Both the surgeon and my experience have absolutely confirmed this statement in my mind.

My individual concerns related to having my stay in Bangkok be as quick and affordable as possible. Mike understood that these things were important to me and in his role as a liaison offered the best service possible but informed me that he would not compromise on only accepting one of the two most highly regarded surgeons available.  We wound up with his number one choice and being that I was young and not needing to remove much fat were able to arrange a shorter stay.

In hindsight I am glad that they would not compromise on using only the best surgeon as the result is far more than just success or failure, but works on a scale of how much of a success or failure. The surgeon definitely knew what he was on about and I would recommend that anyone lets them make their best judgment about what will work for you. Originally I was not fussed with my fat removal from my lower abdomen but it is now probably the most pleasing result.

ThaiMed ensured I was met at the airport and taken to the 5 star hotel arranged for me as part of the overall price, the centrally located Grand Mecure. They provided me with a mobile phone, offered to show me around the city, drove me between all appointments and airport transfers and acted as a support network during my hospital stay and throughout the entire experience.

I have been informed that everyone’s liposuction experience and recovery is different but within 1 month the bruising entirely and more than 2 months later I cannot give a higher recommendation to Mike and the ThaiMed team.

I am so pleased to look at my new shape, which to me is perfectly in proportion. I love wearing jeans and can’t wait until summer. The benefits of liposuction will stay with me forever; because as I age and put on weight as it will be a balanced weight gain with my new well proportioned body.

It is a real shame that there is so many advertisements out there and that it is so difficult to find a legitimate one. I consider myself very lucky finding ThaiMed and I hope other people consider them for their own experience and because a good business deserves success.

Ms. Allison

Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

Just an update…

Sorry for the delay writing you.  It’s been eventful over the last few weeks.

I am back at work and feeling better every day… I am down about 75 pounds already…Anyway, thanks for everything and hope to see you all soon!

Mr. Winson

Gastric Bypass, Bariatric Surgery

Sorry I have taken this long to get in touch, I am home safe and back with my Babies. Thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality. It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife. I will be happy to post on your site of my experience with Thai med and your support and excellent service.

Ms. Lisel

Mommy Makeover, Medical Tour Package

I recently visited Thailand to get some dental and facial work. I tried to arrange everything myself and thought I had it all well-planned and priced. But, on arrival, I found nothing but chaos!

No-one was on time, no prices were as quoted, two appointments had blossomed into 5 or 6. I was looking at paying an additional 40 thousand baht to the prices I had been given WRITTEN QUOTES for. How can you trust a dentist who will lie to you like that? I was looking for someone to establish a relationship with!

Luckily, I fell into Mike’s (ThaiMed) hands. My dental disappointments were too late to remedy, but he took over my facial requirements. i was conducted to a truly excellent dermatologist. She works in an entirely modern, spotless setting, was absolutely always punctual, and I received laser treatment and facial fillers at a very low cost. She also took great care not to cause any pain, which is remarkable because I have a really low pain threshold. And she was charming and beautiful, too. I always think it’s encouraging when the dermatologist has good skin! I really loved her, and I am going to make her my permanent dermatologist. I can visit twice a year for extensive treatments and still save money.

Now, I would never have found her by myself. I could have returned home with no treatments, or all messed up: at least, I would have gone through all kinds of frustration trying to find someone. The clinics in Thailand often have a short term attitude: get the money today! This lady, by contrast, is giving me a 20% discount for further treatments, and even told me I didn’t need “any more Botox today: next time, perhaps”. In Thailand, you need help to find these rare birds. It’s no good wandering around like an orphan in the forest.

This is where ThaiMed can help. As Mike points out, people will try all kinds of things to avoid paying the fee. I was the same:

Why pay someone else to make phone calls and search websites?! But it’s not like that. The fee SAVES you money. Look at the additional forty thousand I was looking at from the dentist. If I’d gone to ThaiMed, their dentist could have fixed me up in two appointments, and the prices are guaranteed. Also, getting lied to and cheated, waiting around for hours for people who care nothing about being on time, is just maddening. I need treatment now from grinding my teeth in rage. And who knows what can happen with a practitioner you know nothing about? Imagine the costs of fixing all the damage.

ThaiMed for me next time to finally get my dental work. Thanks to Mike: a service that gives you peace of mind. Well worth it!

Ms. Fiona

Dermatology and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental

Gwen and I are very well. We arrived home on the 29th Sept and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to look at my emails. I really want to thank you for your assistance and cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience. The way we were looked after and taken care of. People back here are waiting to hear from us and there is one fellow eagerly wanting dental procedures and I have given him your name at ThaiMed for him to contact.

Speaking for myself I am ecstatic with my teeth, I love them and cannot speak highly enough of the dentists that worked on me and the amount of hours that they put in. The quality of my teeth are without fault and I can’t wait for everyone to see them. I am still extremely sore after the lipo, but everyday is a day closer to being healed. I was pleased with everything and next time would leave the whole accommodation thing to you and that is what I am recommending to people.

In addition I would like to thank the entire staff, surgeon and even drivers drivers who were so patient.  Everyone involved was very professional and made us feel welcome from the beginning to the end. Now I know what is involved I would not hesitate to recommend your services to everyone.

Gwen & Lori

Dental, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Liposuction, Medical Tour Package

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday.  I really appreciate you taking such good care of me and setting everything up here at my apt.  I slept okay last night and feel okay today.  I feel much better … You did such a great job yesterday.  Thanks so much!

Ms. Mary

Nose and Chin Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery

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